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Coach Education & Resources

FA Coaching Pathway & Courses

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This diagram details the FA Coaching Pathway and the courses on offer.  As a Grassroots Football Club, we ensure all coaches are minimum Level 1 qualified.  From there, the Level 1 qualification opens doors allowing you to undertake your Level 2 Coaching Qualification (£250), and / or your Youth Award Modules 1 and 2 (£100).  if you meet certain criteria the club will pay for you to undertake these courses.  (see 'Club Coach Bursaries' on this website).

The FA Youth Award Modules are a new strand of courses, focusing on 'how to make young players learn' and come highly recommended from those that have attended.  For more information about upcoming local courses go to:-

Coaching Education Bursaries and Funding

At no point should any coach at Ise Lodge Football Club have to pay for a Coaching Course.  Through the club, league and other agencies, there are plenty of bursaries available to support volunteer coaches to achieve qualifications, which are all listed and described in this section.

Ise Lodge Coach Bursaries - (50% funding towards most coaching qualifications)

Why is the club implementing this scheme?

Feedback from coaches suggested there is a desire from some within the club to progress along the coaching pathway and develop further as coaches. Better qualified coaches, with a greater in depth knowledge of coaching practices will in vitally benefit players, and increase the knowledge stock within the club.

Club Coach Bursary towards Level 1 Coaching Qualification (including updating Safeguarding & Emergency Aid) for ALL new coaches

The club will fund 50% of all NEW coaches Level 1 Qualification.  The remaining 50% will be funded by the league in which you play (Weetabix or John Henry).  The club will only do this for one coach per team.  There are no criteria set against this as it's an essential criteria of being a Charter Standard Community Club.

Ise Lodge Coach Bursary for additional coaching qualifications (Level 2, Youth Award Module1, 2 & 3)

Due to limited club finances, the club has had to put a limit on the number of bursaries it can offer for additional qualifications.  The criteria are as follows;

  • Each Eligible Coach can ask for a MAXIMUM OF £150 PER SEASON
  • A MAXIMUM of 10 bursaries will be awarded (£150 X 10 bursaries = £1500)
  •  The club will fund 50% towards a coaching qualification.
  • Coaches can apply to Northamptonshire Sport for the remaining 50% via this link;

  • The club will pay the bursary on COMPLETION of the course.


Due to a limited number of bursaries on offer, the club has set the following criteria coaches must adhere to before being awarded a bursary:-

  • Must have at least 75% attendance at meetings
  • Must be a member of The FA Licence Coaches Club
  • This is FREE to sign up to, and you can become a member via this link.

  • Must have both Safeguarding Children and Emergency Aid Qualifications up to date

'Applying' for a Club Bursary

If you wish to ask for a bursary, for either a Level 1, Level 2, Youth Award Module 1, 2 or 3 please do so in writing to Jim Hover, stating the following:-

  • What qualifications you want a bursary for.
  • The total amount the course is costing.
  • The date of the course.
This will then be discussed by the Club Committee and you will be informed whether the club are happy to help fund your qualification.

League Coach Bursaries - (50% funding towards Level 1 Coaching Qualifications)

Both the John Henry and Weetabix League offer funding to allow coaches to complete their Level 1 Qualifications.

To access this funding, speak with Jim Hover, who will then request funding on your behalf.

Northamptonshire Sport Coach Bursaries - (50% funding towards ANY coaching qualification)

This is a County Council led scheme that will fund any coaching qualifications for volunteer coaches.  There is certain criteria you need to fulfil (which all coaches will) and you need to apply for this bursary via an on-line application.

Below are some recommended reading from other Ise Lodge coaches that may assist you in your coaching journey.  If you have other resources that have helped you, please let Shaun Waite (Charter Standard Co-Ordinator) know, and it can be added to the list below.

Literature /Further Reading

Dan Abrahams - Soccer Brain: The 4C Coaching Model for Developing World Class Player Mindsets and a Winning Football Team.

Lynn Kidman - Developing Decision Makers: An Empowerment Approach To Coaching.

Daniel Coyle - The Talent Code: Greatness isn't born, it's grown.

Matthew Syed - Bounce: The myth of talent and the power of practice

Carol Dweck - Mindset

The FA Future Game - Grassroots Document (FA Philosophy and FA Coaching Sessions)

Key Websites

FA Licence Coaches Club Website (need to be a member to access)