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              Kettering, Northants, NN15 5DR
                   (FA Affiliation Number T-NHA1160)
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Generic Guidance & Tips

Club Processes

Team Registrations

  • All coaches / managers are asked to complete the 'Team Registration' form well before the start of the following season.
  • Jim Hover, Club Secretary, will email the 'Team Registration' form to each manager in early May each year.
  • Completed forms should be sent to Jim Hover by no later than 31st May.
  • Jim Hover will then inform the league and officially enter your team into the league competitions.
  • No money is required at this stage.

Player Registrations

  • The registration fee for each player is £30.00.  This must be paid upon registration - This money is used to fund numerous costs, including: affiliation to County FA, club insurance, registration to the league and other club development costs.
  • Jim Hover, Club Secretary, will email the 'Player Registration' forms to each manager around May / June each year.
  • It is the responsibility of team coaches to get parents / players to complete the registration form.
  • Any new players will require 2 passport photo's when completing their registration form.  (All U10's & U14's players will also require new passport photo's).
  • Passport photo's must be: cut to size, and on the back include the following information; Player Name, Date Of Birth, Team, Age Group.
  • Once managers have received all 'Player Registration' forms, you then give them all to Jim Hover, along with £30 per player, at the annual club registration night.
  • Jim Hover will then send these forms to the League, which officially registers those players with your team.
PLEASE NOTE: New players can be registered at any point during the season using the above method.  However the League will have a 'Player Registration' cut off date, which is usually around March each year.  After this date it will not be possible to register any more players.

Sub Collections: Training and Match Fees

  • All subs collected by each team should be handed in to Club Treasurer at monthly Manager Meetings, along with a Finance Sheet which details income generated (subs) and expenditure (training fees, referee fees etc).  This Finance Sheet is provided at the start of each season.
  • Match Fees: £2.00 per Player Per Match
  • Managers use subs collected to pay referee, which varies between the age groups.  All remaining money from Match Fees is paid in to the Club Treasurer at monthly club meetings.
  • For example: Mini Soccer Team of 10 players x £2 = £20.  Referee is £4 per match.  This leaves £16 which is then paid to the club at club meetings.
  • Training Fees: Minimum of £2.00 per player
  • Training Fee should be increased if this does not cover facility costs.
  • For example: Should a Mini Soccer Team of 10 players, train at a facility costing £30.00 per hour, the training fee should be increased to £3 per player to cover the cost.
  • If your team trains somewhere where there is no facility cost (mainly during Summer months), then all Training Fees must be paid into the club treasurer at monthly club meetings.
  • For example: Mini Soccer Team of 10 players x £2 = £20, FREE training facility means all £20 paid to club treasurer at club meetings.
Purchasing Kit & Equipment

Supplier - Karl Sports, Unit 8 Northfields Point, Cunliffe Drive, Kettering, NN16 9QJ.  Tel: 01536 601731.

  • There is an agreement between the club and Karl Sports that all Ise Lodge purchases for Kit or Equipment will be accredited a 25% discount.
  • When purchasing any Kit or Equipment from Karl Sports, please ask them to invoice Ise Lodge directly to receive the 25% discount (you do not need to pay upfront).
Purchasing New Playing Kit

  • The club will ONLY purchase a new playing kit for the Under 7's each season.  This will come directly out of the club account.
  • Should any other team require a new playing kit, it's the responsibility of the team manager to raise the money to fund this.  This could be done through parent donations, fundraising or sponsorship.  Once money has been raised, team managers need to order then arrange delivery and payment directly with Karl Sports themselves.  You should still receive a 25% discount.
Purchasing New Equipment

  • The club will arrange for new Under 7 coaches to have all required equipment to get them started.
  • All other team coaches have between £50 - £100 per season to purchase new equipment from Karl Sports, as and when required.  The club will NOT fund any purchases above this amount.
  • When purchasing equipment from Karl Sports, you must provide them with your team details (team name, manager name etc).
  • FOOTBALLS - Should coaches require new Footballs, contact Jim Hover before purchasing (the club has plenty of spares).

Attendance At Club Meetings

  • It's the expectation that either a team coach or manager will attend club meetings when they are required to do so.
  • Annual General Meeting: Coaches / Managers MUST attend the club AGM.  Non attendance may mean the club will not register your team for the following season.  If coaches / managers cannot attend then another team representative (parent) is expected to attend as your replacement.

Booking Training Pitches: When and where club will pay

Winter Training: September - Easter Holidays

  • Venues: The clubs two main training venues are Kettering Science Academy (KSA) or Kettering Buccleugh Academy (KBA).  Tresham College can be used if either of these is not available.
  •  Making Bookings: Bookings for training venues should be made directly with the venue by team managers. - Jim Hover will communicate what has been booked and/or is available at each venue at club meetings.
  • Paying for training facility: If booking is with KSA or KBA, ask the venue to add your booking to the Ise Lodge Account.  Once booking is made, inform Jim Hover and Terry Hawthorn of your booking.  Teams will stile expected to collect subs to cover training venue costs and hand these to Terry Hawthorn (Club Treasurer) at club meetings.
  • Should you book with other venues (Tresham College etc), it is team manager's responsibility to make arrangement regards to payment with venue directly.  This can be taken out of weekly subs collection, but must be made clear on the Finance Sheet that you have done this.
Summer Training: April - August  

  • Venues: Teams are expected to source an appropriate outside grass area to train over the Summer period.  This will lower overheads to the club.  Suitable venue's could be Weekly Glebe or North Park.  Ise Lodge Community Centre is available for Summer training for a limited number of teams.  This is so the club can be sure pitches have time to recover for the following season.
  • Booking 3G pitches over the Summer: Should you wish to train on a 3G (KSA, KBA or Tresham), then it's the team managers responsibility to book and arrange payment with the venue directly.  The club will not pay invoices for training over the Summer period.