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Key League Processes 

Result / Match Sheet

  • The League's Result Sheet will be emailed to all managers at the start of each playing season.
  • It is then the Team Manager responsibility to complete the League's Result Sheet, and email to Jim Hover by no later than 8pm on the Sunday of a Match Weekend.
  • How the 'Results Sheet' are completed vary between age groups, but predominately need to include: player name, substitutions, scorers, score, referee name and mark.
Card Checks

  • After registering players, every team manager will receive 'Player Cards' which provides evidence players have signed on with your team.
  • The team manager's then have the responsibility to take these 'Player Cards' to every league match, where they will be checked by the opposition.  Failure to take 'Player Cards' to matches may mean those players not being able to play.

RESPECT Guidelines

  • Parents and supporters must stand behind the RESPECT barrier at all times to avoid encroaching onto the pitch.
  • Coaches and substitutes must stand on the opposite touchline to parents at all times.

Other League Rules

  • There are a large number of other league rules relating to: Cancelation of Games, Competition Rules, Transferring Of Players and many more, all of which can be found in your Leagues Handbook.
  • Each manager will be provided with a League Handbook at the start of the season, which also includes, contact details of league officials and coaches of other teams.

Other Tips

Establishing a team philosophy

  • When starting out, especially at the start of Under 7's and / or the season, it is important to communicate a clear team philosophy with parents.  Whether that's equal playing time, rotation of positions, or a certain way of playing, it is important your whole team buy into this and understand what you are trying to achieve.
Using other team building activities

  • Try organising regular social activities for your team to improve team cohesion, especially around Christmas and end of season.
Get parent support and delegate tasks

  • Coaching a team is hard enough, so the jobs that could be easily delegated to parents that will make your life easier are:-
  • Collecting Subs
  • Setting Up Goals
  • Completing Results Sheet at end of game
  • Sorting Player Registrations at start of season
  • The club has a role description for a 'Team Administrator'.  Trying to get parent's to carry out admin tasks will really help.

Mini Soccer Specific Guidance & Tips (Under 10's & Below)

Setting Up and Taking Down Goals & RESPECT Barrier

  • All Mini Soccer Games are played at North Park
  • If your game is first to Kick Off, it is your responsibility to set up the Goals.  If you are the designated 'Home' team (appear first on the fixture sheet), you are also responsible for setting up the RESPECT barriers.
  • If your game is last to Kick Off, it is your responsibility to take Goals and RESPECT barrier down.
Signing In On Match Days

  • When you arrive at North Park, you must sign your team in at the pavilion.

Youth Specific Guidance & Tips (Under 11's & Upwards)

Texting Results

  • You will receive a text during your match from the Youth League, to which you respond giving details of the result (the text will explain what you need to do).
  • Once text is sent, this will automatically update the league website.
Booking Referee's, Pitches & Contacting Away Team

  • If playing at home, it is the manager's responsibility to make contact with the referee and away team to confirm Pitch and Kick Off Time the week before the game.


Should a player move from one team to another, the Weetabix YFL and Ise Lodge YFC have procedures in place which need to be strictly followed.

So that everybody is aware of the procedures they are listed below:-

  • Should a Player / Parent from another team approach you with the view of wanting to join your team, it is your duty to inform the existing manager before any further steps are taken.
  • Then, should it be required, an official 7 day approach should be given to the Secretary / Manager before you can transfer that player.
  • After that time the transfer can go ahead if you have received the passport, kit has been returned and £6.00 paid by the parent.  Once this has been done Jim Hover will sign the transfer form and it has to be taken / sent to the Registration Secretary by the Tuesday before the game to enable the player to play for your team.  A SAE must be given to the Registration Secretary to enable the passport to be returned.
  • At no time should you approach a player from another team and try and persuade them to join your team, as this is deemed an illegal approach which will result in a fine.
  • If a player from another team turns up to your training session to train with you without permission from his existing manager he should not be allowed to train with you.  This is also deemed an illegal approach.
Any questions or comments regarding Transfer Procedures should be directed to Jim Hover.

Details regarding the registering of players and player transfers can be found by clicking on the Portal Player Registration Document below.